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October 2018 - austinwolfclaw
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by austinwolfclaw:

12:29 pm: My friend Vevlora DiBiase called and said she's OK! Thank goodness! She was in Florida in the path…

01:44 am: Three years later there's no such thing as singers block as now i have 1001 songs i have sung in a…

05:36 pm: What's a Pro-Lifer's favorite movie? . . Ftal Attraction.

06:40 pm: Awesome view of the Detroit riverfront.

12:00 pm: My tweets
06:09 pm: Yesterday I went to Downtown detroit to use MoGo to do the Dequindre Cut. The Dequindre Cut is a…

12:00 pm: My tweets
04:46 pm: Deer in West Bloomfield!!

12:00 pm: My tweets
05:56 pm: The Party Pope laying down the jams!!

11:20 am: Is it just me or is Michigan trick or treating in the daytime now???
05:52 pm: The pope, hard at work!